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Ketosteril - Nephrology-Fresenius Kabi- Kidney drugs - Ketoanalogues

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BRAND : Ketosteril
STRENGTH : 600mg
INGREDIENT : Ketosteril - Nephrology-Fresenius Kabi- Kidney drugs - Ketoanalogues
COMPANY NAME : Fresenius Kabi
COUNT : 30 Tablets

Description of Ketosteril

Product Index: Trade name: Ketosteril Active ingredients: Alpha keto analogues of essential amino acids Mfg: Fresenius Kabi Pack: 100 film coated tablets in a blister Category: drugs act on Genito-Urinary system Ketosteril description: Ketosteril is a part of quite stable treatment of patients with chronic (advanced) kidney disease Ketosteril contains essential amino acids in the form of keto analogues Ketosteril is combined with protein restricted diet Ketosteril is involved in predialysis period Ketosteril are takes for nutritional balance in chronic kidney disease

Pharmacology of Ketosteril

Mechanism of action: Ketosteril concedes the intake of amino acids while decreasing the amino nitrogen intake Latter absorption, the keto and hydroxyanalogues are transaminated to comparable essential amino acids by catching nitrogen from non-essential amino acids through reducing the development of urea by re-using the amino group Accordingly, the aggregation of uraemic toxins is decreased The keto- and hydroxyl- acids not generate the hyper filteration of residual nephrons. A Ketosteril supplement utilizes positive effects on renal hypophosphatemia & secondary hyperparathyroidism. Furthermore renal osteodystrophy may be upgraded Ketosteril with low protein grant to decrease nitrogen intake while preventing the destroying emanation of incompetent dietary protein input and malnutrition. Pharmacokinetics: Absorption: Ketosteril tablets are easily absorbed from GI tract Distribution: The human plasma protein binding of Ketosteril is considerable. The plasma levels Ketosteril elevates within 10minutes after drug intake. The peak level occurs within 20 to 60 minutes Metabolism: Ketosteril is highly metabolized hepatically; metabolites are hydroxytryptophan and kynurenine derivatives Elimination: The mean half life period of Ketosteril tablets are 1-3 hours

Indication of Ketosteril

Ketosteril tablets are indicated for; Blockage and therapy of damage due to deficient protein metabolism in chronic kidney disease Ketosteril, an origin of nitrogen conversion in the body and decrease the nitrogen capacity on kidneys, alleviate the uraemic symptoms and increase the metabolic complications related to chronic kidney disease Ketosteril protect nutritional status Mainly used in the conditions like; Chronic kidney disease Diabetic nephropathy associated with Proteinuria Creatinine clearance less than 50ml/min Ketosteril involved in the prevention of malnutrition • While combining Ketosteril with low protein diet can accomplish the following features; • Ease the symptoms of uremia. This uremia is acquired by enormous aggregation of proteins metabolic wastes • Safeguard the remaining renal functions and minimize the progression of illness • Supply nutrition to the patients even though reduction of protein intake • Enhanced the metabolic complications occurred due to chronic kidney disease

Dose & Dosage's of Ketosteril

Ketosteril is advised for adults and children over the age of 3. This tablet should be administered during meals, do not chew or crush The dosage of Ketosteril is recommended on the basis of body surface area; The daily dose of Ketosteril in 3 divided dose. 5 kg of body weight: one tablet to be taken 70kg: 4 to 8 tablets should be taken for three times a day The Ketosteril tablet should be continue until glomerular filteration rate reaches to 25ml/min It is must to take protein diet with food while taking Ketosteril tablets; before dialysis the protein content should not exceed to 40gm per day. At the time of dialysis, the protein intake should be suggested by physician In children: The protein content prescribed as; 3 to 10 years: 1.4 to 0.8g/kg Older than 10 years: 1 to 0.6g/kg Missed dose : If patient fail to take the dose of Ketosteril tablets, must consult the physician and take the missed dose within the time as soon as possible Otherwise the missed dose should be skipped and follow the regular dosing schedule Do not take over dose

Side Effects of Ketosteril

Ketosteril is acceptable for all the patients; in some cases hypercalcaemia is achievable To reduce this effects to monitor the serum calcium levels regularly Assure the sufficient supply with calories

Contraindication of Ketosteril

Disruption of amino acid metabolism Hypercalcaemia Anaphylactic reactions occurs in patients who are contraindicated to the components present in Ketosteril tablet

Drug Interaction of Ketosteril

Concurrent use of calcium containing drugs with Ketosteril causes hypercalcaemia and aggravates this conditions Drugs like tetracyclines, quinolones like ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, drug containing iron, fluoride or estramustine should not concomitant with Ketosteril tablet at same time leads to disturbed the absorption of active substances. Caution: to avoid this problem to take the drug at the interval of 2 hours Ketosteril with cardio active glycosides: causes increased calcium levels which lead to arrhythmia Ketosteril decrease the symptoms of uremic, the dose of aluminium hydroxide used concurrently decreases During the therapy with Ketosteril tablets the level of serum phosphate decreased

Precaution of Ketosteril

Ketosteril used in the patients having glomerular filteration rate of less than 25ml/min Patients who are suffered with hypercalcaemia are suggested to take less vitamin D, while combining with Ketosteril During therapy, patient should be examine the calcium and serum phosphate levels periodically Care should be taken during pregnancy and lactation Ensure calorie intake Caution with use Ketosteril in hereditary phenylketonuria patients because of presence of phenylalanine

Usage & Safety profile of Ketosteril Pregnancy & Lactation

Ketosteril tablets, there is no clear data is applicable for pregnancy condition Caution with use during pregnancy Breastfeeding not recommended

Storage of Ketosteril

Ketosteril tablet should be stored at temperature up to 25oC Keep in dry and dark place Keep away from moisture, heat and light The shelf life of Ketosteril tablet: 3 years