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BRAND : Atavir
STRENGTH : 300mg
INGREDIENT : HIV-AIDS-Cipla-Atazanavir-300mg-Atavir
COUNT : 30 Tablets

Description of Atavir

Product Identification: Trade name: Atavir Generic: Atazanavir Strength: 300mg Mfg: cipla Category: Anti-retroviral agent Atavir Description: Atavir contains a prime ingredient known as Atazanavir, it is an anti-retroviral agent. Anti-retroviral property of the drug Atazanavir exhibiting by prohibits the protease enzyme activity. Atavir is a cipla product; it works by reducing the amount of HIV virus in blood by interfering with maturation of cells. Atavir is not taken alone; it may combine with other anti-retroviral medicines like Ritonavir.

Pharmacology of Atavir

Mechanism of action: Atavir is a protease inhibitor, this enzyme involved in cleavage of viral polyprotein Atavir is effective against HIV type I infection, it inhibits the cleavage of Gag-Pol polyprotein. This inhibition occurs by Atazanavir active form of Atavir, bounds to protease enzyme and stops the action produced by that particular enzyme So the inhibition of cleavage leads to formation of immature cells. Pharmacokinetic: Absorption: The peak plasma concentration of the drug Atazanavir is occurred within 2.5 hours Distribution: Atavir (atazanavir) is highly bound to human plasma protein at nearly 86% If Atavir taken with food, it may increase the bioavailability and reduce pharmacokinetic variability Metabolism: Atavir is largely metabolized in liver. The two major biotransformation pathways in Atavir is; Mono-oxygenation Di-oxygenation Elimination: The elimination occurs through feces and urine. The terminal half life of the drug in infected patients is approximately 6 hours. Atavir Dosage and administration: In adults: HIV-1 infection: Treatment naive Atavir is combined with other anti-retroviral medicine like, Ritonavir The recommended dose is 300mg should be taken orally as a single dose with 100mg ritonavir If patient are not able to tolerate Ritonavir, 400mg of Atavir should be taken once a day with food Atavir combined with efavirenz: 400mg PO with 100mg ritonavir qDay Treatment experienced Recommended dose: 300mg orally as a single dose Combination with H2 receptor antagonist and tenofovir: 400mg PO with 100mg ritonavir qDay Hepatic impairment: Mild: 400mg PO qDay Moderate: 300mg PO qDay Severe: not recommended Renal impairment: Final stage of renal disease hemodialysis: 300mg PO with 100mg ritonavir qDay In pediatric: 6-18 years (treatment naïve and treatment experienced) <15kg: Atavir is not recommended 15kg to <35kg: 200mg PO with 100mg ritonavir qDay ≥35kg: 300mg PO with 100mg ritonavir qDay ≥13 years (patient non tolerated to ritonavir) ≥40kg: 400mg PO qDay

Indication of Atavir

Atavir (Atazanavir), an anti retroviral medication used to treat HIV type I infection. Atavir helps to reduce the amount of HIV virus in blood. It reduce the chance of getting AIDS

Dose & Dosage's of Atavir

Atavir tablet is a prescription medicine; if patient fail to administer the dose, advice them to take within a time. Otherwise the missed dose should be skipped and follow the regular drug schedule

Side Effects of Atavir

>10%: Total bilirubin level elevated Fever Rash Increased cholesterol Nausea CPK increased Cough Diarrhea Neutrophils counts depleted Jaundice Headache Peripheral neuropathy Insomnia Myalgia Abdominal pain Depression Dizziness Vomiting Prolonged PR interval Diabetes mellitus Edema QTc prolongation, pancreatitis, hepatic function abnormalities, cholelithiasis, arthralgia, alopecia

Contraindication of Atavir

Patients are contraindicated to the ingredients present in the Atavir tablet Anaphylactic reaction occurs Atavir is contraindicated in the conditions; Chronic hepatitis B, C Diabetes Lactic acidosis Hemophilia Gallstones Kidney impairment High amount of bilirubin

Drug Interaction of Atavir

Some list of medicines get interacts with Atavir; Alfuzosin, astemizole, carbamazepine, Cisapride, Cobimetinib, dihydroergotamine, ivabradine, simvastatin, lovastatin, pimozide, Phenobarbital, phenytoin, rifampin, sildenafil etc

Precaution of Atavir

Atavir should not used with proton pump inhibitor in treatment experienced patients Tablet Atavir should be discontinue if patient getting severe rash or other anaphylactic reactions Caution should be taken in case of Hepatic impairment Renal impairment High bilirubin levels

Usage & Safety profile of Atavir Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnancy category: B Treatment experienced pregnant women during II or III trimester: co administration of Atavir with H2 receptor antagonist or tenofovir, a dose of 400mg with 100mg ritonavir as a single use Maternal adverse effects: Lactic acidosis, symptomatic hyperlactatemia, Hyperbilirubinaemia Fetal/Neonatal adverse effects: Severe Hyperbilirubinaemia Not breastfeed to infants to prevent transmission of HIV-1 infection

Storage of Atavir

Atavir should be stored at room temperature, 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C). Container should be keep away from moisture, heat and light