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BRAND : Tenvir-EM
STRENGTH : 300mg & 200mg
INGREDIENT : HIV-AIDS-Cipla-Tenofovir-300mg-Emtricitabine-200mg-Tenvir-EM
COUNT : 30 Tablets

Description of Tenvir-EM

Tenvir EM is a combination tablet, which contains two anti-retroviral medications like Emtricitabine and Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate. Tenvir EM is established as combination dose for the treatment of HIV infection over the age of 18 years. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) weakens the immune system, by invading the precise immune cells called CD4 + cells, this cells plays important role in fencing against infection. Furthermore, CD4+ cells are destroyed which leads to life threatening condition like AIDS. This tablet anticipate the ability of HIV to multiply and spread, which reduce the counting of virus and leads to increase the CD4+ cell numbers. As a result of this, immune system can regain its capability, by decreasing the risk of disease evolution. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): Tenvir EM is used in pre exposure prophylaxis treatment. It is a new obstruction method, in which the people not affected by HIV infection, but they might have chance to get infection. In this condition, Tenvir EM is taken to eradicate the suspected infection. Person who is undergoing PrEP treatment should contact with medical practitioner for every 3 months to investigate and testing the level of infection.

Pharmacology of Tenvir-EM

Pharmacodynamic: Emtricitabine: ↓ It is synthetic nucleoside counterpart of cytidine ↓phosphorylated by cellular enzymes Converted to Emtricitabine 5’-triphosphate ↓ Inhibits the activity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase ↓ Encounters with deoxycytidine 5 triphosphate ↓ Integrated into viral DNA ↓ Chain termination Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate: Tenvir EM is an acyclic nucleoside phosphonate diester analog of adenosine monophosphate. Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate ¬diester hydrolysis→ tenofovir Tenofovir →phosphorylation by cellular enzymes tenofovir diphosphate Tenofovir diphosphate prohibits the activity of HIV 1 RT by competing with natural substrate (deoxyadenosine 5’-triphosphate), fusing into DNA, by DNA chain termination. Both tenofovir and Emtricitabine are weak inhibitor of mammalian DNA polymerase α, β, epsilon and mitochondrial DNA polymerase gamma. Pharmacokinetic: Absorption: Tenvir EM is rapidly absorbed with peak plasma concentration occurring within 1-2 hours. Distribution: Tenvir EM is highly bound to the human plasma protein over the range of 0.02-200 μg/mL (Emtricitabine) and 0.01–25 μg/mL (tenofovir). Metabolism: Tenvir EM is metabolized and its metabolites are released through urine. Excretion: Excretion of tablet Tenvir EM occurs through urine. The mean plasma termination half life period of tablet Tenvir EM is Emtricitabine 10 hours; tenofovir 17 hours.

Indication of Tenvir-EM

Tenvir EM, a combination tablet contains tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and Emtricitabine is mainly indicated for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adult’s patients. Some of the major points may take into consideration before starting the treatment; Tenvir EM is not recommended, when it is used as a component of a triple nucleoside regimen. Tenvir EM should not be co administered with efavirenz, rilpivirine, elvitegravir, cobicistat, elvitegravir, lamivudine containing products. Patients who are getting Tenvir EM should be examining by taking lab testing and history of the treatment.

Dose & Dosage's of Tenvir-EM

The prescribed dose of Tenvir EM in the condition of HIV-1 infection in adults is, one tablet should be taken once daily with or without food. In Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: uninfected adults should take one tablet orally as a single dose.

Side Effects of Tenvir-EM

Fatigue ~ Weakness ~ Headache ~ Nausea ~ Diarrhea ~ Muscle pain ~ Pain ~ Dizziness ~ Depression. Adverse effects: ~ Severe Acute Exacerbations of Hepatitis B ~ New Onset or Worsening Renal Impairment. ~ Lactic Acidosis/Severe Hepatomegaly with Steatosis ~ Bone Effects of Tenofovir DF. ~ Immune Reconstitution Syndrome. Immune disorders: allergic reaction, including angioedema Metabolism disorder: lactic acidosis, hypokalemia, hypophosphatemia Respiratory: dyspnea Gastrointestinal disorders: pancreatitis, increased amylase, abdominal pain Hepatic disorder: hepatic steatosis, hepatitis, increased liver enzymes (most commonly AST, ALT gamma GT) Skin: rash Musculoskeletal: rhabdomyolysis, muscular weakness, myopathy Urinary disorders: acute renal failure, renal failure, acute tubular necrosis, Fanconi syndrome, proximal renal tubulopathy, interstitial nephritis (including acute cases), nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, renal insufficiency, increased creatinine, Proteinuria, polyuria.

Contraindication of Tenvir-EM

Tenvir EM is used in HIV- infected patients only by combination with other anti retroviral medicines. Tenvir EM is not used in pre-exposure prophylaxis in respective unknown patient or positive HIV-1 status.

Drug Interaction of Tenvir-EM

Some drugs may interact with Tenvir EM, to produce adverse effects Didanosine, HIV-1 protease inhibitors, Hepatitis C antiviral agents

Precaution of Tenvir-EM

Tenvir EM causes bone effect, by decreasing the bone mineral density. Care should be taken while using this medicine in patient having osteoporosis.

Usage & Safety profile of Tenvir-EM Pregnancy & Lactation

Tenvir EM comes under a pregnancy category B. During lactation, it is not safe to use.

Storage of Tenvir-EM

Tenvir EM tablets container are stored in cool place.