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BRAND : Virso
STRENGTH : 400mg
INGREDIENT : HepatitisC-Strides-Sofosbuvir-400mg-Virso
COUNT : 28 Tablets

Description of Virso

Product Specification: Trade Name :Sovaldi Brand Name : Virso Composition : Sofosbuvir Manufactured by : Strides ArcolabLtd Dose : Sofosbuvir 400 mg Dosage Form : Tablets Pack of 28 tablets in a bottle Virso is a generic version of sovaldi and manufactured by Strides Arcolab.Ltd. Virso is type of classification of antiviral medication, it contain Sofosbuvir as active ingredient. Virso is prescription depended drug should be dispensed under the advice of the consultant.

Pharmacology of Virso

Pharmacodynamic : Mechanism of action: Virso is a nucleotide polymerase inhibitor and includes in direct acting antiviral drug. Virso expose to have a high barrier to the development of resistance and inhibits the hep C NS5B protein. Thereby Virso prevents the enzyme RNA polymerase by the cellular worker who can performs the multiplication process, Hence Virso stops the replication of Hepatitis C virus and decrease the amount of Hep C virus in liver. Virso also acts to reduce damage in liver and improves function in liver. Pharmacokinetic: Absorption: Administration of Virso was absorbed with peak plasma concentration of obtained at -0.5 to 2 hr post dose and in metabolite GS-331007 peak plasma concentration obtained between 2 to 4 hrs post dose. Effect of food: Virso and the metabolite have no affect with high fat meal. Hence virso is administrated without food is effective. Distribution: Virso is approx 51-65% bound to human plasma proteins and GS-331007 metabolite has minimal human plasma protein binding. Metabolism: In liver, Virso is broadly metabolized(4% and >90%) to convert into pharmacologically active nucleoside analog triphosphate GS-461203. Elimination: Mean total recovery of the Virso dose was >92%, involves of approx 80%,14% and 2.5% eliminated in urine, feces, expired air. Half life of Virso and GS-331007 were 0.4 and 27hrs.

Indication of Virso

Virso is used to for the treatment of severe Hepatitis C virus in the liver, Hepatitis C virus is a long lasting infection of liver, Virso is highly effective medicine for this infection. Therefore Virso will decrease the action of hepatitis C Virus in our body and recover the liver from infection caused by virus.

Dose & Dosage's of Virso

Dose recommended for Virso medication is one tablet of 400mg OD (once daily) taken orally given along with food or without . Duration of Virso for genotype 1 or 4 and 2 (CHC) is 12 weeks and Genotype 3 (CHC) is 24 weeks.

Side Effects of Virso

Virso has common and serious effects: Nausea and vomiting Chills and fever Pharyngtitis Skin in pale colour Lumbar pain Myalgia Weakness Sleeping trouble Diarrhea

Contraindication of Virso

Virso has no specific contraindications when used alone. When Virso in combination with ribavirin or peginterferon alfa/ribavirin, or others, the contraindications also applicable to these agents are applied.

Drug Interaction of Virso

Virso in combination with simeprevir, daclatasvir and ledipasvir with amiodarone should not be used due to risk of irregular heartbeats. Virso with rifampicin (inducers of intestinal p- glycoprotein) will decrease the absorption of Sofosbuvir. Co-administration of Virso with anticonvulsants and the HIV protease inhibitors( Tipranavir, ritonavir) leads to decrease Hepcinat concentration.

Precaution of Virso

Patients undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C with Virso will require routine check up to their physician and blood check up to be followed.. Risk of birth defect or harm to unborn baby, so pregnancy time, Virso should avoided. Allergic to Sofosbuvir alone, then inform your consultant. Virso Co-administration with amiodarone may occur serious bradycardia.

Usage & Safety profile of Virso Pregnancy & Lactation

Virso alone assigned a pregnancy category B, In all trimester there are no adequate and well tolerated studies in pregnant women, Since animal reproduction trial has no risks and adverse effect to the fetus. But Virso combination with ribavirin, assigned a pregnancy category X leads to birth defect and death to the fetus. Avoid combination therapy during pregnancy. While breast feeding the drugs pass into breast milk is unknown, therefore its recommended that mother should not breast feed during Virso alone and combination treatment.

Storage of Virso

Virso 400 mg tablet should store below 300C (860F) Virso Should be placed in cool and dry place Virso should be packed in original container with sealed cap Improper storage of Virso will affect efficacy and shelf life Virso should not kept in the glove compartment of a car. Regimen can get too hot, cold, or wet .