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Glenza Enzalutamide 40 mg

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BRAND : Glenza
STRENGTH : 40 mg
INGREDIENT : Glenza Enzalutamide 40 mg
COUNT : 28 Tablets

Description of Glenza

Glenza, is an anti cancer medication involved in the treatment of prostate cancer. Product index: Generic: Enzalutamide Brand: Glenza Strength: 40mg Packing: 4 blisters of 28 capsules Mfg: Glenmark

Pharmacology of Glenza

Decreased the growth of cancer cells Absorption: Tablet Glenza is undergone first order absorption. Daily dosing 28 days Protein bound: Tablet Glenza, 97% to 98% of drug nearly bound to plasma proteins. Metabolism: Glenza is a hepatically metabolized, and it converted into active metabolite. Elimination: Tablet Glenza is eliminated by hepatic metabolism, it mainly excreted in urine. Half life: The half life period of Tablet Glenza after a single dose is 5.8 days (approximately 7.8 to8.6 days)

Indication of Glenza

Glenza is mainly used in the treatment of metastasis stage of castration resistant prostate cancer.

Dose & Dosage's of Glenza

The recommended dose of Tablet Glenza is 160mg per day. Glenza is available as 40mg, 4 tablets should be taken as whole. Glenza is administered with or without food, do not crush, and open the capsules.

Side Effects of Glenza

Some common effects include; Signs of allergic reactions Wheezing Tightness in the chest or throat Trouble in breathing Unusual hoarseness Swelling of peripheral organs like face, lips, tongue etc High blood pressure Headache Dizziness Bone pain Memory problems Blood during urination Seizures Glenza cause some life threatening effects which is vary from person to person. It may include; Chest pain Breathing difficulty Loss of bowel control Painful urination Fast heartbeat Pounding in the ears

Contraindication of Glenza

Glenza is mainly contraindicated to, Patient having allergic reaction Glenza is not preferred for women, in pregnancy condition.

Drug Interaction of Glenza

Some of the medication should be taken carefully, while patient involved in the treatment with Tablet Glenza; Some of them Fexofenadine Dicyclomine Docetaxel Furosemide Morphine Prednisolone Cabazitaxel

Precaution of Glenza

Glenza (Enzalutamide), it is not suggested for women. Glenza tablet causes some allergic reaction, in such cases it should be discontinued. Glenza is active against androgen hormone; it is only used in men Major adverse reaction caused by Tablet Glenza, seizures. If patient getting this kind of effect, consult healthcare providers immediately.

Usage & Safety profile of Glenza Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnancy category of Tablet Glenza is Category X (fetal death).

Storage of Glenza

Glenza is stored at 20oC-25oC (68oF-77oF)